karen thomas mind coach


I came to Karen with a negative attitude towards interviews; three sessions with Karen and I am now confident and don't fall to pieces. I thoroughly recommend her work.


Samantha Winter

I went to Karen for help to recover from trauma following a car accident as well as childhood trauma and tried Havening. I couldn't believe something so apparently quick and simple could give such dramatic results. I no longer feel strong negative emotions about things that have upset me all my life. I feel so much more positive and in control. Also, the actual experience of Havening is comforting and relaxing.  I would recommend this to anyone who has negative associations or traumas they want to move past. Karen is a force of positivity and kindness and should be available on the NHS!



I went to see Karen to help conquer my fear of giving blood as it got to the point  I was being given diazepam to help me calm down and would nearly always faint during the process. I am pleased to say I gave blood a couple of weeks ago and was able to keep myself calm by using the havening techniques Karen taught me and got through it without stressing or passing out. I would like to thank Karen very much for helping me overcome this fear at this very important stage in my life (I’m pregnant) and would recommend Karen to anyone who is looking into hypnotherapy to overcome anxiety’s - it works! Thank you Karen. 


Karen makes you feel at ease instantly. I found havening technique calming for my anxiety and use it every day. Hypnotherapy got my confidence back to drive my car. I feel like my old self again thanks to Karen I highly recommend her she is amazing. 

Jayne Williams

I have visited Ms Thomas on a couple of occasions so far for assistance with an anxiety issue I have had, and it really has been incredible the progress made in such a time.  


First of all, even before the first visit, Ms Thomas was warm, friendly and very reassuring, taking time to answer my questions and making sure i was comfortable. On meeting, this care and support was again very impressive, she was so informative and listened to me. To say to someone what the problem is and that you need help can't be easy, but Ms Thomas did make things so pleasant, relaxed and comfortable. I could not have been in safer hands.


Once we had discussed everything there was to discuss i had my first taste of hypnosis and my body and mind were very quickly deeply relaxed, it was an amazing feeling. This level of relaxation was supported as well with a recording that i was to take with me and listen to daily ahead of the second session.


The second time i experienced havening to help deal with the anxiety issue. This involved Ms Thomas using her hands to parts of the head, shoulders and arms whilst i counted down in sequence, and some other mental exercises, and the level of profound relaxation i experienced was incredible. I was just slumped in my chair like a rag doll. The recollection of what we did then is that we worked on the images that made me anxious and just reduced the anxiety. Im my mind the pucture became smaller and smaller and lessened the anxiety. My recall is a little bit foggy because of how relaxed i was, my analytical mind was, and it does sound cheesy, put to sleep, but i was still aware (just utterly relaxed, like when you are just waking up and half asleep) and Ms Thomas voice floated and drifted through the room and the work on my anxiety acted on my subconscious mind. 

On being brought back to my normal consciousness i was amazed because the anxiety i had was gone. The havening technique Ms Thomas used was just incredible, to get me into such a deep deep state of relaxation and to get to work on my problem, i would recommend her to anyone.  I can't say everyone will get such immediate results but i believe that if you let go and relax, follow the induction, work with Ms Thomas that you will see positive results quickly. Im planning my next visit because i just want to enjoy the complete relaxation mostly, as well as to reinforce the work we have done so far. A great experience.' 


I meat Karen last year,from the beginning i could sense something special about her.From a very first session with her I began to notice changes but the biggest shift of bad past memories I experience was during second appointment. Havening might seem like a strange therapy but its absolutely amazing and extremely relaxing. I am normally quite fast speaker and very talkative but after therapy with her I couldn't even speak i was so relaxed and peaceful. Its hard to describe what I felt.I I loved my session and if i could afford it i would do it frequently.I.My life began to change even more after third session.She made me believe that i can be so much more! Thank you Karen. 

Since then my life has changed so much, I have gone so far in the last 12 months with my life .In 42 years of my life I didn't manage to shift past or improve my confidence as much as I did in those sessions. I cant thank her enough for what she did for me. I will definitely would recommend her to any of my friends or family. Havening is a beautiful experience and everyone one should try it especially living in those difficult and stressful times wlive in.


I first started receiving sessions from Karen when I was dealing with the breakdown of a four year relationship. Things had ended quite suddenly and I was finding it very hard to move on. I reached out to Karen and straight away she offered a time to meet and talk with me. Every session with her was insightful, kind, understanding but also direct. You can turn to a friend in times of need and you know often things won't be aired because they think you may not like to hear them, but Karen will say what you need to hear, in a calm and unafflicted point of view. Sometimes hard to hear at a low point but exactly what helps you as you go further into the process. Your mind doesn't remain clouded, Karen helps you look at the situation with an open mind, clear and ready to embrace the lessons learnt rather than dwelling on the past.

Karen introduced me to a technique I have continued to use long after my sessions, called Havening. Instructing me to recall my upsetting events and trauma while gently touching my arms, face and hands. I found this practise very therapeutic in the way that it allowed me to focus on my breathing and learn to calm myself when feeling stressed. It allows me then and now to find a method of control, to take charge and focus my energy.

I would like to thank Karen for all she accomplished with me and how approachable and knowledgeable she is. Without her I know things would have taken longer and been much harder.


Seeing Karen was my first experience in hypnotherapy or psychotherapy and though I had no expectations I was a bit anxious about my response.  

I am a cancer patient since 2018 and my journey is a combination of both conventional and integrative therapies but lately, I came to the realisation that physiological approach is not enough and I need professional help on how to work with my emotions and energy. 

During our first session, when Karen started with an explanation on how our mind and neurons work, I immediately knew that I came to the right person. It was informative and educational and at the same time I felt safe and comfortable. The result of this therapy for me is very much based not only on the faith that the therapy works but also on knowledge of how it works, that there is a science behind it.

During our sessions Karen introduced me to the Havening technique, hypnotherapy NLP, visualisation and meditation. Incorporating these techniques into my daily routine made a big impact to my life and helps me release and understand more my emotions and improve my sleeping significantly.

I would recommend Karen and her methods to anyone who is experiencing emotional, psychological or existential problems.

After suffering and recovering from Covid-19, I developed anxiety for my health which became very detrimental for my work and personal life. Karen has been helping me with Havening and hypnotherapy for the last 2 months and this has helped tremendously. I am getting back to having a zest for life and Karen has instilled a new confidence in me that is also helping with my golf game as well. I live in the London region and would highly recommend Karen as a therapist for anyone looking to get their life back from anxiety or depression.

Mohammad Shabir

Karen is absolutely brilliant. She has a calming approach and an ability to totally understand a person's problems. Karen offers an unbiased, practical and caring environment for things to be discussed. She has helped me turn my negative outlook on things, into a positive one! Highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their life

Chris Davey Music

Karen has such a calming influence on my mental and physical health. I found her techniques work really well for me and have long lasting results. The home work given is great (you have to do it though) and will go and see her every so often for various reasons. Really helped my anxiety during a difficult time last year. I recommend her to all my friends and family if they are struggling. And hey with everything going on right now we could all have a little brain tune up. 5 stars 🙂

matthew corbin

Karen has been helping me over the last couple of months to deal with a severe needle phobia. I am recently pregnant and the thought of having blood tests has made it an unsettling time for me. Through Karen's help with havening and hypnotherapy I was able to have my first blood test recently, which is something I never imagined possible just a few months ago. As well as taking steps to address my phobia, I also find that I am feeling more relaxed in day to day life and I am sleeping better. I can't thank Karen enough for what she has done for me, and the kindness she has shown me throughout.

Amy Parry

I have been receiving hypnotherapy and Havening with Karen for anxiety. I have found this really helpful, I fell alot better, confident enough to go out on my own again ☺️. Would definitely recommend, look forward to a session with you soon..

Michelle Gatheridge

A while ago, I did therapy with Karen over a couple of months. She helped me deal with some issues from the past. She used havening, hypnosis and psychotherapy. I did not know what to expect at first, but I noticed that havening really worked for me. I feel in a much better place now and the results are long lasting, I have better relationships and less conflict. I warmly recommend her. Karen is very kind, intelligent and she has a lot of experience.

Ana-Maria Tanase
I was watching TV when someone was interviewed sharing their positive experiences of hypnotherapy to overcome long standing stomach problems. As a long-term sufferer of severe tension throughout my body, and having unsuccessfully exhausting all other remedies I decided to give it a try, after all, I had nothing to lose. Even if I am in my advancing years.
My starting point was to look at a directory for hypnotherapists in my area. Choosing the right one was critical. Having read many profiles I was coming to the conclusion that they all very similar. That is until I came across Karen’s profile compared to the others it leapt off the page. It was an easy decision to choose her. I approached the first session with a lot of skepticism and without any knowledge of the “havening technique”. Having worked in the social care sector for most of my working life I had little or no confidence in psychologists, sociologists or counselling. Not a good start. However, my views were quickly to change. Have suffered from childhood trauma which left me with PTSD and a lifetime of personal insecurity plus a body wracked with tension. The havening sessions I experienced with Karen produced remarkable results. The process of delving back into painful experiences and discovering one’s true feelings of the events, helped me better understand, and move on from them.
The consequences are that I am far more tolerant, more confident having spent much of my life concentrating on my perceived failures I now recognise my considerable successes. My wife tells me that she has seen a noticeable difference in my demeanour since my sessions and my weekly masseuse can feel the difference in my body. I am indebted to Karen and would highly recommend her services.