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Breaking Through Depression

12th October 2019

You have lost all confidence in your ability and feel useless. You may be scared to be alone or have suffered a panic attack.

It may be a gradual process or after a sudden event such as a bereavement or a break up but you become aware you are feeling miserable a lot of the time. The world seems less colourful and you can’t keep your mind on what you are doing. Worries echo in your head and you can’t get to sleep because of them or you wake up too early thinking about them. Whenever you do wake you feel exhausted and can’t motivate yourself very much, sometimes just wanting to stay in bed and make the world go away. You may feel restless, pacing up and down in a state of agitation and despair. Perhaps you can’t eat and the simplest of things will seem too overwhelming to do, maybe you can’t get out of bed and the thought of going to work makes you feel despair. Nothing seems funny anymore and the pressure can feel so physical, weighing down on your shoulders and eyelids. You have lost all confidence in your ability and feel useless. You may be scared to be alone or have suffered a panic attack.

Your biggest fear is that it will never ever end and the thought of suicide may well have crossed your mind, or you may even have attempted it. If you are suffering from depression some of these experiences may strike a chord with you and you may have others of your own to add. When you get that low you may feel in the grip of a illness so great you are powerless to stop it from consuming you, however this hideous soul destroying experience can be banished and totally annihilated.
How you might ask? Depression is where we are constantly focussed on things that have happened in the past which we cannot let go of, feelings of sadness and loss. Underlying traumas can be the cause of depression such as illness, redundancy, poverty or loss of a loved one.

Hypnosis and Havening can greatly reduce the symptoms of depression to help you get the life you want.

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