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Where does Stress and Anxiety come from?

20th June 2022

Stress, anxiety, anger, depression come from the ‘primitive’ brain part which according to latest research is 1,000 times quicker and 5 times more powerful than our logical thinking human brain.

Your brain is always thinking ahead and will assess the future based on the past.

Its difficult to control the mind with the mind.

The brain chemistry of the subconscious mind treats something you imagine and something you physically do in the exact same way …if you image the worse case scenario then the brain will assume that this is happening in the present when it’s not.

Alternatively, if you think of something great then you will feel good.

Reflecting back wards and forwards is not based in real time.

Anxiety is the illusion of fear – of what MIGHT happen and not based on what is happening in the here and now.

How do we overcome anxiety and stress?

Gain more control of your emotions by using these techniques:

  1. Let go of saying ‘what if’ in the negative …instead ‘what if in the positive I could be happier, more positive, let go of fear….
  2. Breathing is the one thing that you can control and it can lower your heart rate, then you can be more in control of your thoughts and feelings.

Breathing……. Heart rate…. Mind

The breathing techniques you can use if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, this will help reduce your heart rate, calm the system and reduce carbon dioxide:

Breathe in through the nose for 3…. hold for 3…. then breathe out through the mouth for the count of 6

  1. To increase motivation … (this increases adrenaline and dopamine which helps to stay on a task) Take a breath through the nose for 2 and breathe through the mouth for 1 30 times in quick succession to stimulate these neurotransmitters.
  2. Havening is another technique that we can use in order to slow down the system and allow our minds and body to feel ‘safe’……This can be done by stroking the face, the arms and palms… using language that is soothing such as: I feel safe, I feel calm, I am relaxed, I can do this

5. You can listen to a soothing hypnosis recording or use meditation before bed … this can be done during the day to reset or before bed but not whilst driving.

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