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Improve Sports Performance

22nd September 2019

Are you a professional rugby or football player who would like to improve their game or maybe you would like to be a better tennis player or a better athlete?

Are fears holding you back such as dropping the ball, fear of missing a goal or shot, or just not feeling good enough to be picked for the team?

Maybe you want to relax more, feel more focused or control the angry out-bursts or anxious feelings when things don’t go to plan?

Whether you are a professional rugby player, footballer, tennis player, athlete or someone who would like to increase their sports ability, ‘Hypnotherapy’ is able to offer a really positive way of helping you to remain calm, more focussed, gain more confidence in your ability in order to help you achieve the success you always dreamed about.

Men can achieve the power of visualisation in sport
Improve Sports Performance
Karen Thomas

The Power of Visualisation in Sport

From the 1950s to the 1980s, the Russians dominated the Olympics. During those Golden Years of Russian sports, one question was always on their rivals’

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