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28th June 2021

Self-esteem is how you view yourself and is developed over time through experiences and events that have helped shape who you are today. Self-confidence is how you feel about your abilities and can vary from situation to situation.

Possessing little self-regard can lead people to become depressed, to fall short of their potential, or to tolerate abusive situations and relationships. Too much self-love, on the other hand, results in an off-putting sense of entitlement and an inability to learn from failures. (It can also be a sign of clinical narcissism.)

Self-esteem is affected by physical ill-health, negative life events such as losing your job or getting divorced, deficient or frustrating relationships, and a general sense of lack of control.

People with long-term low self-esteem generally see the world as a hostile place and themselves as its victim. As a result, they feel reluctant to express and assert themselves, miss out on experiences and opportunities, and feel helpless about changing things. All this merely lowers their self-esteem even further, and they end up getting caught in a downward spiral.

Our self- esteem is instilled in us during our formative years through childhood. Being constantly criticised by family, friends, and society tends to slowly strip us of our feelings of self -worth. Our low self- esteem strips us of the self- confidence to make even the smallest of decisions. Basically self -esteem is the value you see yourself having in the world. “Am I worthwhile human being?” “ Am I good enough?”

At Change Your Life we use a variety of techniques to help build resilience, to promote self- love and to increase feelings of worthiness also to help deal with any underlying issues that may be blocking your happiness.

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